Tips To Help You Select The Right Set Of Custom Wheels For Your Car

If you're looking to add a custom touch to your car, a great way to do it is by selecting the right set of custom wheels. But with so many different styles and options available, how do you know which ones are right for your car? Here are a few tips to help you select the right custom wheels for your ride.  Consider the Overall Look You Want to Achieve Read More 

3 Factors To Consider When Buying Tractor Tires

The tires that are installed on a tractor can have a direct impact on the way the vehicle performs. It's essential that you are taking the time to consider all possible factors when you are choosing new tires for your tractor. The type of tires that you select will dictate how your tractor drives over the next few years, so identifying the perfect tires should be a top priority. Here are three important factors that you will need to take into consideration when buying new tractor tires. Read More 

Is Your Vehicle’s Blower Motor Resistor Broken?

There are many parts of a vehicle that can go bad over time. Some are very easy to diagnose, but some are a bit harder than others. Here is what you need to know about a blower motor resistor to tell if it is bad and in need of replacement. The Purpose Of The Blower Motor Resistor The job of the blower motor resistor is to control the speed of the blower that pushes hot and cold air into your vehicle. Read More 

AC Repairs Your Commercial Fleet May Need

Without a working AC, a vehicle can become dangerously hot, and this can lead to unsafe conditions for drivers of commercial vehicles. For most companies with large truck fleets, air conditioning problems can be a regular occurrence, but there are some mistakes that they may make that could increase the chances of encountering these problems or worsen the severity of the issues that they cause. Not Changing The Cabin Air Filters Read More 

3 Tips To Prevent Stone Chips

Stone chips are a common car paint problem, primarily on the hood. The issue results from road debris and gravel flicking from the car tires onto the vehicle. The problem is also common during winter due to rainwater and ice chips. Stone chips manifest as small, localized paint damage, ruining your vehicle's aesthetics and integrity. Learn how to protect your car from stone chips. 1. Use Paint Protection Film Paint protection film (PPF) is a transparent film applied on the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle to protect them from corrosion. Read More