3 Factors To Consider When Buying Tractor Tires

The tires that are installed on a tractor can have a direct impact on the way the vehicle performs. It's essential that you are taking the time to consider all possible factors when you are choosing new tires for your tractor.

The type of tires that you select will dictate how your tractor drives over the next few years, so identifying the perfect tires should be a top priority. Here are three important factors that you will need to take into consideration when buying new tractor tires.

1. Compaction

Modern tractors are heavy pieces of machinery. The last thing you want is for your tractor to create soil compaction while working your fields. The type of tires that you install on your tractor can dictate the level of compaction you see over time.

You want to select tires that are designed to run with a lower tire pressure. This lower pressure will create a more even distribution of your tractor's weight, which can minimize any soil compaction that occurs as you work your fields on a daily basis.

Tires designed to run with low tire pressure can also help improve the stability of your tractor and help you get better gas mileage over time.

2. Traction

Getting stuck while in your tractor can be devastating. Pulling a tractor out of a precarious position requires a lot of time and effort. You will lose money because you aren't working your fields while you try to free your tractor.

The type of tires that you choose for your tractor should enhance the overall traction of the vehicle to prevent it from getting stuck.

You want to pay close attention to the tread bars on a tire when thinking about traction. The more tread bars a tire has, the better traction it can provide.

You will need to determine how many tread bars will allow you to strike the right balance between traction and comfort before buying new tractor tires.

3. Bead Quality

All tractor tires must have a quality bead. The bead, which is the edge of the tire that sits against the wheel shaft, must be strong enough to withstand daily use. Breaking a bead could leave you without the ability to drive your tractor.

Look for tractor tires with reinforced beads that can help prevent you from being stranded out in a field with a broken bead as you try to work.

For more information on tractor tires, contact a professional near you.