Diagnosing Transmission Problems: 4 Signs Of Failure

Did you know replacing the transmission could be costlier than replacing the engine? For this reason, it is critical to pay close attention to the transmission system. And you can do this by taking note of signals that could indicate potential transmission failure or damage. With that in mind, here are some top signs that your vehicle requires transmission repair services. Unresponsive Gears If your vehicle won't engage to your preferred gear, it's prudent to check the transmission. Read More 

Making Money By Selling A Junk Car

Are you fortunate enough to have a garage to keep your junk car hidden from the sight of your neighbors? If you have no desire to keep the junk car but have not bothered to get rid of it, removing the vehicle is a good idea. The reason is that a junk car could have toxic chemicals inside the fluids that it has stored inside that are hazardous to the environment. Read More 

Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment ensures your tires perform well while improving handling. This entails adjusting the vehicle's suspension to influence the direction of the tire's contact with the road surface. However, driving over potholes, hard debris, or vehicle collisions may cause an improper wheel alignment. This may result in the tires getting damaged, reduced fuel efficiency, and extra strain on suspension components. Thus, you should contact a licensed mechanic to inspect your car and perform a wheel alignment. Read More 

No Brake Light? Here Are Some Signs Your Brakes Need Service

Most cars have an indicator light that comes on when the brakes need service. This makes it easy to tell when you need to take your car into the shop. But what if your car does not have a brake indicator light, either because it is older or because the light malfunctioned for some reason? In this case, you will need to be on the lookout for other signs that your brakes need service. Read More 

Common Transmission Problems That Could Indicate A Problem In Your Vehicle

The automatic transmission in your car or truck doesn't require much service, but some things can go wrong that may require some transmission repair. Many times the repairs are minor, and some warning signs can indicate a problem and should prompt you to take the vehicle in for service.  Erratic Shifting The automatic transmission in your vehicle typically uses vacuum or electronic control systems that cause it to shift through the gears as you drive. Read More