Common Transmission Problems That Could Indicate A Problem In Your Vehicle

The automatic transmission in your car or truck doesn't require much service, but some things can go wrong that may require some transmission repair. Many times the repairs are minor, and some warning signs can indicate a problem and should prompt you to take the vehicle in for service. 

Erratic Shifting

The automatic transmission in your vehicle typically uses vacuum or electronic control systems that cause it to shift through the gears as you drive. When the system works correctly, you do not need to do anything more than select drive or reverse on the gear selector, and the transmission will do the rest. 

If the transmission is not shifting or is shifting erratically, there may be a system problem requiring a transmission repair tech to inspect the system. In most cases, the problem is not inside the transmission. Instead, the repair involves external transmission components or may need an adjustment to the computer in the vehicle to fix the problem.

If the controller is not the issue, the transmission filter may be clogged, restricting fluid flow through the valve body inside the transmission and the shift failure. Cars or trucks with a lot of mileage will often have a build-up of worn friction material from the clutches inside the transmission filter, and resolving the problem may be as simple as changing the filter and transmission fluid.

The transmission repair shop can check the fluid for you and flush the system if necessary. Most modern cars and trucks can still drive for a while before is becomes necessary but talk to the automotive services tech you use if you suspect you need transmission service. 

Noise Or Transmission Failure

Noise coming from the transmission may indicate a problem and needs checking. A whining noise, clunking or banging when the transmission shifts, or a complete failure to shift into gear are signs of internal damage that may require the transmission repair shop to disassemble the transmission and inspect the internal components for damage.

The potential problems inside the case may range from simple problems like a clogged valve body to much more significant issues like a fluid pump that has stopped working. If these symptoms come on suddenly, something inside the transmission may have broken, but the only way to determine the problem is to tear down the unit and inspect it. 

Sometimes the solution is to have a transmission repair shop replace the transmission with a remanufactured unit. However, it is essential to discuss the potential problems and best course of action with the tech working on your car, so you are not spending money on repairs unnecessarily.  

For more information about transmission repair, contact a local company.