Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment ensures your tires perform well while improving handling. This entails adjusting the vehicle's suspension to influence the direction of the tire's contact with the road surface. However, driving over potholes, hard debris, or vehicle collisions may cause an improper wheel alignment. This may result in the tires getting damaged, reduced fuel efficiency, and extra strain on suspension components. Thus, you should contact a licensed mechanic to inspect your car and perform a wheel alignment. Below are the signs your car needs a wheel alignment.

Your Car Pulls Sideways

If you release the steering wheel while driving, the vehicle may drift slightly to either side. This is because every road has some degree of crowning, causing a slight pull to one side. However, if the vehicle swerves to one side when driving on a straight road, it could be out of alignment. This may result from driving on roads with poor conditions where a sudden impact from hitting a pothole can misalign the wheels. As such, if your car veers towards the side, the wheels need aligning.

Your Tires Wear Unevenly

Your car tires will wear down uniformly when you rotate them per the recommended mileage. However, if the tires wear unevenly on the outer edges, you could have a bad alignment. This could be due to worn suspension parts that fail to sustain your car's stability while driving. As a result, you may experience vibrations when driving that impede your handling ability. Since uneven tire wear decreases the lifespan of your tires, you should engage a mechanic to correct the wheel alignment.

Your Steering Wheel Vibrates

If the steering wheel vibrates as you increase speed, your car is due for wheel alignment. This happens because of improper suspension adjustment, causing the vehicle to go out of alignment. More so, when you neglect to align your car, the vibrations may escalate and compromise a good grip on your steering wheel. Therefore, you should visit an auto repair shop for wheel alignment to ensure a smooth ride when driving.

You Have Loose Steering

Damage from a collision can cause your car to go out of alignment. Consequently, your steering wheel may become loose, making your car wander slightly when driving. In addition, loose steering will cause unnecessary wear and tear of the tires and undermine your handling of the motor vehicle. You should thus contact a professional mechanic to fix your vehicle's alignment for better driving control.

It is crucial to note that improper wheel alignment causes secondary damage to other components in your vehicle. Schedule an appointment at an auto service shop to correct your car's alignment,