Diagnosing Transmission Problems: 4 Signs Of Failure

Did you know replacing the transmission could be costlier than replacing the engine? For this reason, it is critical to pay close attention to the transmission system. And you can do this by taking note of signals that could indicate potential transmission failure or damage. With that in mind, here are some top signs that your vehicle requires transmission repair services.

Unresponsive Gears

If your vehicle won't engage to your preferred gear, it's prudent to check the transmission. This issue mostly arises when trying to engage the drive or reverse gear. In this case, you may be running low on transmission fluid, usually because of a leak. Besides that, the fluid might be too degraded to serve its function. Replacing your transmission fluid and fixing the leak should do the trick. 

You can also experience problems with your gears if the shifter or shifter cables are faulty. Sometimes, this issue is computer related, more so in newer cars. Resetting your vehicle's computer system can help fix the problem. Doing this is fairly easy because you only have to disconnect your battery for a few minutes. But if this trick doesn't work, you must visit an auto mechanic for a thorough checkup of the transmission.

Delayed Shifts

A failing transmission system often experiences delayed shifts. Therefore, if your car takes longer than usual to go into gear, it's time to take it for a checkup. Like unresponsive gears, delayed shifts can result from low or contaminated transmission fluid. However, the engine could be problematic, preventing the computer system from allowing the transmission to shift into higher gears. Delayed shifts require immediate action. Overlooking this problem can cause overheating and damage the transmission's internal components.

Slipping Gears

A transmission that slips in and out of gears can be dangerous. That's because it can significantly impact your ability to control the car as needed. Therefore, prompt action is necessary. Usually, slipping gears is a sign of transmission fluid issues. However, slipping may also be due to the transmission's internal parts being worn out. Make an appointment with your auto mechanic to get to the root cause of the problem.

Unexplained Leaks

Leaks can indicate a wide range of vehicle problems. When it comes to your transmission system, watch out for a bright red fluid underneath the car. Usually, transmission fluid leakage results from faulty cooler lines or a broken seal or gasket. It is advisable to plan for immediate repairs when you detect transmission fluid leaks. Neglecting the leak can cause bigger transmission problems later.

Like other vehicle parts, the transmission experiences occasional problems. Therefore, it's imperative to watch out for signs of failure. Then, take the car to a professional auto repair shop as soon as you identify them.

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