Three Signs You Need To Have Your Starter Repaired

Your car's starter is part of your vehicle's ignition and electrical systems and is what actually kicks the engine into gear when you turn your key in the ignition. This makes the starter a small but essential part of your vehicle's internal mechanics. Any sort of damage or malfunction associated with your starter can have serious implications for the performance of your vehicle. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with a malfunctioning starter can help you determine when you should contact a mechanic about having it repaired or replaced. Read More 

3 Different Ways To Use An LED Light Bar On Your Truck

LED light bars are often installed on trucks and other vehicles. LED light bars are a great way to provide extra light. There are lots of different ways that you can use that additional light. Here are a few different ways that an LED light bar can be used. #1 Off-Roading One of the most popular uses for an LED light bar is for off-roading. It is common to see an LED light bar attached to the top of a 4x4 vehicle. Read More 

The Budget Driver’s Guide To Auto Maintenance

Keeping your car in good shape is one of the most important aspects of car ownership. Unfortunately, this can also be one of the more expensive issues that come with owning a car. Depending on the type of vehicle you own, how you use it, and the environment in which you use it, keeping your car in good shape can cost you thousands of dollars.  For the average motorist, this is a huge problem. Read More 

Three Brake Problems You May Notice In Your Car

What is the most important part of your car? Some would argue that it's the engine, since without the engine, your car will not move forward. But consider the following—if your car is already moving forward, the most important part is definitely the brakes. Without them, you cannot stop! Because brakes are so important, you, as a driver, need to know some basics about them and what to do if you encounter a problem with the brakes. Read More 

How To Ensure Your Window Is Replaced with Quality Auto Glass

There are many reasons to have your windshield replaced. It may become damaged in an accident or it may simply be worn down by a few too many pits. A crack in the driver's line of sight may make the windshield unsafe. There are many types and brands of windshields available on the market today. Not all these windshields have been manufactured to the desired quality. As a driver who's keen on safety, you'll want to ensure that you get a windshield made of high-quality glass. Read More