2 Signs Your Car’s Brake Pads Are Severely Worn Down And Need To Be Replaced Immediately By A Professional

After noticing that you are having trouble slowing your car down, you may have already checked the brake fluid to find that it is at the recommended level. Since the issue keeps happening, you may be wondering if there is a problem with the brakes themselves.

One of the most common problems with brakes is that the pads wear down during everyday usage since they bear the brunt of the friction and force required to slow and stop a vehicle. Below are a couple of signs to look for indicating that your car's brake pads are severely worn down and need to be replaced as soon as possible by a professional brake technician.

1. You Notice a Burning Smell Accompanied by Grinding Whenever You Apply the Brakes

One sign that you will typically notice when your car's brake pads are severely worn down is an unusual smell. As the pads deteriorate, the metal underneath will start to rub against the rotors, which will create a burning odor as heat from the friction is created.

Along with this burning smell, you will also hear grinding whenever you apply the brakes. Since the odor accompanied by the grinding noise is an indication that the pads are severely worn out, you need to have a brake technician inspect and replace the pads immediately.

2. You Notice a Delay in the Car's Ability to Slow Down While It Pulls to One Side

Another sign that your car's brake pads are severely worn down and should be replaced before you do any more driving is when you notice a marked delay in the car's ability to slow down. When this happens, you will notice a pause after you feel the brake pads engage before the pads grab hold of the rotors securely.

Once the pads do come into contact with the rotors to start slowing down your car, you will notice that the vehicle pulls to one side as it stops. This means that the pads have deteriorated and are uneven, making it necessary to have them professionally replaced as soon as possible.

Without brake pads that are in good condition, your car will eventually not be able to stop when you need it to. If you notice a burning smell and grinding during delayed braking while noticing your car is pulling to one side, the pads are most likely worn and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

For more information on car brake services, contact a professional near you.