6 Signs Your Transmission Is In Need Of Repair

Do you think something is wrong with your vehicle's transmission where it is in need of repair, but you're not sure if that part is causing the problems? You'll definitely want to know what signs to look out for that indicate your transmission is in trouble. 

Shaking And Grinding

Start by paying attention to how the car behaves when it is automatically shifting gears. A problematic transmission is going to have signs of shaking and grinding when shifting gears because the transmission is struggling to do it on its own. This is a problem that may be more noticeable on the freeway when your speed is increasing rapidly and the transmission needs to react quickly to change gears.

Delayed Gear Engagement

Another sign can happen when shifting gears from park to either reverse or drive. Delayed gear engagement is when the gears don't immediately switch and there is a slight delay. You know how your car reacts when shifting out of park, so you should easily be able to tell when there is a delay between the gear shift and when your car will start to move. 

Slipping Gears

A unique problem that you'll notice at higher speeds is slipping gears. This is when the vehicle may shift down a gear, which will cause your RPMs to ramp up quickly and your vehicle to not go any faster. Gear slipping can also cause the vehicle to temporarily go into neutral as well.

Burning Odor

A transmission in need of repair can also produce a burning odor. This is caused by a transmission overheating and the transmission fluid burning up as a result. You definitely do not want to continue driving when the transmission creates that burning smell, because it is actively causing damage to the transmission and making the problem even worse than it currently is. 

Leaking Fluid

Check underneath the video for a potential transmission fluid leak. This fluid is typically a dark red color when it is new, but it can become very dark if the transmission fluid is old and dirty. If you're unsure what fluid you're looking at in a puddle under your vehicle, check the transmission fluid to see what color it is at the moment. 

Warning Lights

Your vehicle may have a warning light that indicates something is wrong with the transmission. If there is not an actual transmission light, then you may have a service engine light that indicates there is an error code. A mechanic can tell you what error code is being sent and if it's related to the transmission. 

For more information on auto transmission repair, contact a professional near you.