AC Repairs Your Commercial Fleet May Need

Without a working AC, a vehicle can become dangerously hot, and this can lead to unsafe conditions for drivers of commercial vehicles. For most companies with large truck fleets, air conditioning problems can be a regular occurrence, but there are some mistakes that they may make that could increase the chances of encountering these problems or worsen the severity of the issues that they cause.

Not Changing The Cabin Air Filters

The cabin of the vehicle will have a series of air filters that can purify the air as it is entering the vehicle. Unfortunately, there are many businesses that may not include this in their routine maintenance, and this can lead to months or even years passing without these filters being changed. Failing to do this maintenance can lead to the air quality in the cabin of the vehicle deteriorating. Furthermore, the reduction in the flow of air through these filters could increase the strain that the AC system is experiencing. Luckily, changing the cabin filter for the AC is a quick and cheap type of maintenance to do.

Failing To Recognize Early Performance Problems

Being aware enough to recognize the early warning signs of performance problems with the vehicle's AC unit can enable you to take steps that could lead to these problems being repaired before the damage that this part of the vehicle experiences becomes severe. Additionally, it can avoid a situation where a driver for the company finds themselves having to operate a car that may be without any air conditioning as a result of catastrophic failures. One of the early warning signs of AC problems will be a reduction in either the coolness of the air that is coming from the system or the force of the air coming from the vents. Often, these problems can be seemingly temporary as they may correct themselves after a short while. However, your business should train its drivers to report any unusual issues with the AC systems at the end of their shifts.

Faulty Circuit Breakers

The air conditioning system can be a major drain on the vehicle's electrical system. It can be possible for some problems with the air conditioning system to cause it to draw a much larger amount of power. This can lead to the circuit breaker tripping, which may cause the air conditioner to experience a total loss of power. While flipping the breaker back into the right position can restore the power to the system, the issue that is causing the power surge will have to be corrected to prevent the breaker from being flipped in the future.

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