3 Damages An Auto Repair Technician Can Fix With Paintless Dent Removal

Even a tiny dent in your car is enough to ruin its appearance and lower its resale value. It is unfortunate that unless you leave the vehicle wrapped in bubble wrap all day, eventually, you have to deal with dents and other damages. The damage could come from minor collisions, hail, and random objects hitting your vehicle. If your car has several of these issues, it is advisable to consider paintless dent repair to restore it to its former state. Here are three dent types that you can resolve with paintless dent removal. 

Round Car Dents

Round dents come from sources like hailstones and round objects like footballs. For example, you will get one if someone hurls a football and hits your car. Similarly, your vehicle might get a series of tiny dents if you drive through a hailstorm. Round damages are relatively easy to fix. Most do not have a crease in them. The auto body expert uses a tool to massage the damaged panel until it straightens out. The gentle pressure evens out the body without causing chips in the original paint.

Car Dings

Dings are another menace to vehicles. They often result from a parking lot incident or when small objects hit your vehicle. Dings usually come with minor chips and cracks in the car paint. However, instead of following the procedures that involve repainting the car, you should try paintless dent removal first. The PDR technician can use special tools like hammers, picks, and gentle heating tools. They also use heat to make the paint a little more flexible during the manipulation and ensure it doesn't crack during paintless ding removal. 

Dents With Creases

Dents with creases are the most complex ones to handle. They are more complex than the other types. For example, if someone drags an object like a tree limb or a bicycle handlebar along your vehicle's side, you will end up with a massive creased dent. The dents damage the profile of the panel and also the paint. Only a professional can assess the damage on the vehicle and determine whether paintless dent repair will help fix the problem.

Car dents come in a wide array of sizes and shapes. Each of them presents a unique challenge to the auto body technicians. However, you can fix the problem with yours by letting them assess the damage and determine whether it needs repairs.  

For more information on a paintless dent removal service, contact a professional near you.