4 Times You Will Need A Tow Truck

A towing service can act almost like a miracle in a number of situations where your vehicle isn't cooperating. A tow service can get you and your vehicle somewhere where the issue that left you stranded can be addressed. Here are just a few of the situations in which you will definitely need the use of a tow truck. 


A towing service does not necessarily have to take you back to its tow station or to an auto mechanic shop. Most towing services offer specialized tire service in the event of a flat. A solid towing service will travel with you to a store where you can purchase a new tire and then back to your car. For a nominal fee, the tower will usually help you change your tire, as well.


In the event of a car accident, a towing service is one of the first services you should call, after, of course, an ambulance service and the police. If your vehicle has been left in a condition that is undrivable, you really have no choice but to call a tow service. Your vehicle will be transported to the local tow station, auto mechanic shop, or anywhere else within driving distance to which you wish to have it transported.

Running Out Of Fuel

Running out of gas can be a frustrating experience, especially when your vehicle is stranded on a busy highway or the Interstate. Many people do not feel comfortable leaving their vehicles alone even when they run out of gas on a relatively desolate piece of road. A tow service can get you from where you are at to a local gas station. Most tow services will also provide you with a gas can, in the case that you do not have one on your person. They will be happy to drive you back to your vehicle, and will most likely stick around to make sure that your car starts after filling it back up.

Break Down

This can be attributed to a veritable laundry list of problems associated with your car or truck, whether it be a transmission issue or your engine overheating on a hot summer day. A towing service can help you with the issue by taking your car to an auto mechanic's shop who can address the issue and help your car get back in running order as soon as they can.

For a relatively small fee, a towing service (such as Exit 48-24 Hour Repair) can help you and your car get back in running order in a short amount of time.