The Do’s And Don’ts Of Staying Safe As A Stranded Senior Citizen

Any time your car fails you and leaves you stranded it can be scary, but as a senior citizen, you may have a few extra concerns, whether they are health-related or otherwise. Placing a call to a tow truck service to help you out as quickly as possible is always the right first move, but there are a few things that you should do to stay safe while you wait. Here is a simple list of do's and don'ts you should keep in mind as a stranded motorist who is also a senior citizen.

Do - Get in touch with a family member or friend and let them know you are stranded.

It is always best to let your loved ones know that you are stranded on the roadway. This is a kind gesture to do so that they will not be concerned that something has happened to you. Plus, you will have someone else who knows your whereabouts if something bad does happen.

Don't - Trust strangers to help you out.

There may be plenty of good-hearted motorists who would be willing to help out a stranded senior citizen, but you never know who is trustworthy and who sees you as an easy target. If someone stops to help you, kindly let them know that you already have help on the way. Don't open the door for them or roll your window down more than a crack to speak.

Do - Keep the temperature of the car in check.

Being an aging adult means that you could be more susceptible to cold or hot temperatures when you are stranded in a vehicle. If the weather is cold, try to keep your body moving vigorously to encourage blood flow. Consider running in your seat and clapping your hands. If it is excessively hot, use a bottle of water and your shirt or a napkin if available and keep your forehead dabbed with water. Allow air into the car by opening the doors occasionally to let out the heat, but make sure it is safe to do so first.

Don't - Get out of the car -- ever.

Being older can also mean that you are not as quick and nimble as you once were. Therefore, getting out of your car for any reason could leave you in a dangerous position. Not only could you be in the way of another motorist, you may have a hard time getting out of the way quickly enough to avoid injury.

Even though it can be scary to be stranded in your car as a senior citizen, by keeping safety in mind you will be fine until the tow truck arrives. If you would like more information about what you should or should not do while stranded, talk to a towing service like Car And Truck Services Inc. for more information.