Spotting Worn Struts: Signs Every Car Owner Should Know

If you aren't experienced dealing with cars that have worn struts, you might miss the warning signs of wear and tear on your car's struts. Knowing the signs and symptoms of worn struts make it easier for you to spot problems before the suspension is damaged. Here are some steps you can take to determine how worn your car's struts might be.

Bouncing the Suspension

Park your car somewhere so that it is level. The level ground is important, because you need to be able to get a solid response from the suspension that isn't affected by changes in ground elevation. Kneel on the front bumper, pushing down with all of your weight. Place your hands palm-down on the hood and push down as you move off the bumper. Bounce your weight on the bumper a bit as you move so that the front end bounces.

Count how many times the car bounces before it comes to rest. If the struts are in good condition, it shouldn't bounce more than about two or three times before settling down. If it bounces more than that, you'll want to think about replacing the struts.

Inspecting the Stance

Another key warning sign of worn struts is the position of the car when it's parked. With the car sitting on a level surface, step back and look at it straight-on, so you're staring at the windshield. If one side of the front bumper looks like it's lower than the other, that's a sign that the strut on that side may be worn.

Considering the Ride

If your car's struts are worn, it's going to result in a serious change in the way that the car rides. If you think that your car's struts are damaged, take a ride down a bumpy, rough road. Listen to the car's sounds. You might hear clunking, which would indicate that the struts are damaged. Another sign of damaged struts would be a rough ride. If the car's suspension feels overly bouncy, that is a key indication that your car needs new struts.

With the information that is presented here, you'll be able to identify the signs of worn struts before your car's suspension suffers from more extensive damage. If you suspect that your car needs new struts, reach out to a mechanic to help you. He or she can test the struts and replace them for you if necessary.

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