When Is Brake Dust An Issue? Learn How To Recognize The Signs

When operating your BMW, some level of brake dust is expected. However, excessive brake dust could be cause for concern. You first need to understand that BMWs often generate more dust than other vehicles, primarily because the pads on these vehicles have higher carbon and metallic contents than pads used on other vehicles. For this reason, an excessive amount of dust on occasion shouldn't necessarily signal an emergency. However, if this seems to be a consistent problem or you start to have more dust than usual, this might require further investigation.

Worn Springs

One reason for an excessive amount of dust could be a worn spring. When you press the brake pedal in your vehicle, a hydraulic process occurs causing your brake pads to press firmly against your rotors, ultimately allowing the vehicle to stop. When you take your foot off the brake pedal, springs force the pad back into its original position, away from the rotors. With regular use, the springs responsible for moving the pads can start to wear.

In cases of extreme wear, the springs can even prevent the pads from moving at all, causing them to stay flush against your rotors. When this occurs, the pads and the rotors are constantly rubbing against one another. It's important to have this issue addressed as it doesn't just generate an excessive amount of brake dust, but it can also cause your pads and rotor to wear prematurely.

Wheel Size

If you have recently upgraded the size of your wheels and are experiencing an excessive amount of dust, an incorrect pad size might be the culprit for your issues. When changing the size of your wheels the most important thing to remember is that you also need to upgrade the size of your pads. While failing to do so won't necessarily cause any safety malfunctions, pads that are too small for the size of the wheels could cause the pads to wear at a much faster rate.

Traditionally, the more worn the pads, the greater the amount of dust they generate. If you are experiencing this issue, it's a good idea to speak with a repair specialist who can help you determine what size pads are necessary to accommodate the size of your new wheels.

If the amount of brake dust your BMW produces is of concern to you, you shouldn't hesitate to take your vehicle into a shop to have it repaired. The brake system on your vehicle is one of its most important safety features. Make certain you take your vehicle in for repairs to restore your confidence that your vehicle is safe. For more information, contact a business such as Autowerkes.