When Is Brake Dust An Issue? Learn How To Recognize The Signs

When operating your BMW, some level of brake dust is expected. However, excessive brake dust could be cause for concern. You first need to understand that BMWs often generate more dust than other vehicles, primarily because the pads on these vehicles have higher carbon and metallic contents than pads used on other vehicles. For this reason, an excessive amount of dust on occasion shouldn't necessarily signal an emergency. However, if this seems to be a consistent problem or you start to have more dust than usual, this might require further investigation. Read More 

Professional Car Washes Not In The Budget? Use These Homemade Products To Keep Your Car Clean And Shiny

Keeping your car clean can be tough when you're trying to stay on a budget. Whether you're a college student or a newlywed, professional carwashes probably aren't on your list of priorities right now. Don't worry. You don't have to settle for a dirty car. With these homemade products, your car can look like you took it to the local car wash. Grime-Fighting Car Detergent This grime-fighting car detergent will allow you to save money without damaging the paint on your car. Read More 

So You Have A Limp Transmission?

A limp what? A "limp transmission" refers to a transmission that is running in "limp mode." Limp mode, most often referred to as fail code mode, is when the computer in the car finds a problem. Basically, if the computer is expecting certain specifications and something happens outside of its programming, it enters fail code mode. Continue reading to learn more about what causes limp mode and actions you can take. Read More 

4 Care Tips For Your Car’s Transmission

The transmission in your vehicle is one of the most important components, which is why it is crucial that you care for it properly. If you don't, then the transmission will give out sooner rather than later. Replacing your transmission can be expensive, so to avoid it, follow these four care tips for your vehicle's transmission: 1. Don't Overfill Fluid If you change out the fluid in your transmission on your own, it is important that you do not overfill it. Read More 

Why Is My Car’s Battery Draining So Quickly?

If you are having difficulties starting your car, it could be from a drained or weak battery. Thankfully, batteries are rechargeable, but you must understand how a battery can become drained in order to avoid it happening again. Common Reasons For A Drained Battery Many reasons why a person's battery drains are because of human error. A car has multiple functions that require battery usage, and accidentally leaving them on will quickly cause the battery to be depleted. Read More