How To Fix Paint Chips On Your Own Car

Paint chips on cars are all too common. If you neglect even the smallest paint chip, it can turn into a much more serious problem. It can lead to severe rusting that can compromise your auto body. However, with the right tools and materials, you can fix on your own before they become a problem.

Get the Right Tools

Some people are intimidated when it comes to working on their car body. It actually isn't too difficult to make basic repairs and patches to paint. You just need to have the right tools and supplies to get the job done. First, you will need wet sandpaper. This is just like normal sandpaper, except it is much finer and needs to be lubricated with water during sanding. You can get wet sandpaper from most home improvement and automotive stores. Get an auto body filler and painter's tape as well. You will also want to get the factory paint and primer from your dealership. Most dealerships sell small cans of factory paint. These little cans even have tiny brushes built into the lid, so they are easy to use.

Preparing the Hole

The first step is to sand very lightly around the area that you need to patch. The sandpaper will actually rough up the auto body surface, but this is necessary. The slightly rough surface will allow the paint to create a stronger bond with the auto body. If you were to try to paint directly onto an unsanded auto body, the paint would not bond very well. Remember to sand lightly, you do not want to sand any more paint off of the car.

Patching the Hole

To apply the auto body patch to small holes, you can probably just use your finger. Using a putty knife might be unnecessary. Let the patch dry completely before you sand it down. This is the most technical part of the job. You need to try and carefully sand and shape the patched area to match the contour of the car.

Priming and Painting

Next, you need to apply the primer. The primer usually comes in a spray can, so you want to make sure that you tape off around the chip. Once the primer is dry, you can quickly paint over the patch. Painting is probably the easiest part. Try to brush the paint on lightly so you do not leave behind any visible brushstrokes.

Just like that, your small paint chip will no longer be a problem! If you're having issues or would just rather have a professional do it for you, visit Vince's Auto Service.